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Come Work for Sustainable Living Group!

We are looking for a new member to join Sustainable Living Group and help us push the green lifestyle to the mainstream. Spread the word!

Sales OpportunitySustainable Living Group, Inc. (, a new company committed to providing the travel, industrial, hospitality and lifestyle industries with “Green” eco-friendly biodegradable work clothing products made from sustainable resources. Sustainable Living Group was started because there was a lack of everyday products that are made with sustainable/biodegradable materials – from simple necessities like shower caps and shower curtains to industrial products like  ponchos, lab coats, coveralls, car seat covers and aprons.

We are looking for established USA Manufacturer’s Rep. Agencies, to open up local stocking Distribution.

We have geographically protected Sales territories available in the USA. This is a 10% Sales Commission opportunity! Some of our Markets targeted are: Wholesalers, retailers, DYI., industrial distributors, restaurants, health care, manufacturing, construction, automotive, food stores, fashion, schools, pharmaceutical, beauty salons, hotel – motels, exporters, food markets,  government agencies  and more.

We offer complete product training, samples, good product stocking levels, special orders, National Accounts programs. National Advertising. POP Merchandising…

This is your chance to join a growing company. Our Company’s #1 focus is complete customer satisfaction. We fully support our Manufacturer’s reps through the entire process and only experienced and dedicated people will be considered. Great Sales Opportunity! Easy to sell.

Product Lines:

Biodegradable items available:  Shower Curtain/Liner, Shoe Covers,  Shower Cap or Work Cap, Coveralls, Ponchos, Lab Coat, Apron,  and Car Seat Covers .

Sustainable items availablePET fabric travel blankets, PET and organic cotton baby bath sets and PET fabric travel bags.

Sustainable Living Group uses a combination of eco-friendly materials for all of the products, including biodegradable materials that can easily be disposed of, commingle with other recyclable items, trash, and can also be composted. Our products biodegrade naturally through micro-organisms such as bacteria, algae and fungi. Additionally, the BPA-free and PLA-free material is latex-free and manufactured in the USA.   PET fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles.

For more information or send your sales inquiry to Sustainable Living Group, please email:

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SLG is on Pristine Planet!

We are happy to report that Sustainable Living Group products are now available to purchase on! Enjoy quality products with the peace of mind that you are not harming the planet.

Some of the products include:

Eco-friendly Baby Bath Set

and our biodegradable apron, among others!

Check out the other products here.

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Reefs Shedding Color Due to Extreme Heat

Coral reefs–the art of oceans–occupy less than one-tenth of one percent of the world ocean surface, yet house 25 percent of all marine species. It has been a difficult decade for the ocean with disasters such as the BP oil spill and the ever-expanding Great Pacific Garbage Patch and Atlantic Garbage Patch. When it rains it pours. Due to extreme heat this year, the world’s coral reefs, spanning from Thailand to Texas, have reacted by bleaching or shedding their color. Already many reefs have died, with more predicted to follow in the next few months.

This global bleaching is the second known instance, the first being in 1998 when 16 percent of the shallow-water reefs were estimated to have died. In Thailand, the damage seems worse than in 1998. Scientists have cautioned for years that corals, extremely sensitive to heat, would be an early indicator of planetary damage by greenhouse gases. High-ocean temperatures endanger organisms and those that depend on these organisms, namely fisheries that feed people as well as the billion dollar tourist economies.

This is a wake-up call the world cannot ignore. Help us work towards a greener lifestyle and a safer planet.

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Kids Ponchos Are In!

What better way to propel the green lifestyle than to teach your kids about being eco-friendly! Sustainable Living Group has gotten in our biodegradable, latex-free, PLA-free, and BPA-free kids’ ponchos–perfect for teaching your little green tot about making smart choices when it comes to the environment.

Here we have Chloe modeling one of the ponchos! Please inquire at for pricing.

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Rain, Rain

Rainy season will soon be upon us. Camping? Football game? Outdoor event? Be prepared with our biodegradable, PLA-free, BPA-free, and latex-free ponchos. Our ponchos can be personalized with your company, team name or whatever you like!

Here is a sample of the print on our poncho for Xanterra:

Find and purchase our ponchos at or on Amazon!

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The Life of a Plastic Bag

Sustainable Living Group was sad, no . . . frustrated and angry, when we heard the bill to ban plastic bags in California failed in the Legislature this past Tuesday. Plastic is the number one waste product filling our landfills and spilling into our oceans. California alone consumes approximately 19 MILLION plastic bags a year as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch continues to grow.

The video below, entitled “The Majestic Plastic Bag – A Mockumentary,” is a funny, yet sadly true depiction of how our garbage ends up in the oceans. Watch this video and spread the word. Buy a reusable bag! Hint: keep extras in your car in case you forget to grab them when you go to the store!

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