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Yuri’s Night

April 12 marks the international celebration of Yuri’s night, the commemoration of two milestones in space exploration. On April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first human launched into space. Twenty-years later on that same day, the first Space Shuttle, STS-1, was launched.

This year, Yuri’s night will be celebrated in 39 countries on 6 continents in 106 different locations. This World Space Party is intended to increase public interest and awareness of space exploration and inspire a new generation of space pioneers.

On April 9 and 10 from 00:00 to 04:00, Yuri’s night will be celebrated in Mountain View, CA at the NASA Ames Research Center. This global celebration showcases cultural elements like music, dance, fashion, and art that celebrate space. It is a FREE EVENT for Bay Area Students and Educators on April 9! The event includes art installations, technical exhibits on technology, and musical artists such as N.E.R.D., Les Claypool, and Glitch Mob.

Sustainable Living Group, Inc. is one of twelve vendors showcasing our green products at Yuri’s night. Come enjoy a day (and night!) celebrating space and NASA’s initiative to go green.

Find out more information about Yuri’s Night in the Bay Area here.

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Underwater Junkyard Found off the Coast of California

Littering has been a topic of heated discourse for the past few decades. It is no secret that humanity as a whole has increased our carbon footprint through irresponsible consumption and improper disposal of waste. However, trash-related headlines seem to be littering our news with an alarming frequency as of late.

A survey of the deeper waters ranging from Monterey Bay to Long Beach revealed that even in the deep waters the ocean floor is strewn with kitchen sinks, big spools of wire, and unexploded military shells. Scientists were shocked by the amount of trash they found; normally, this type and size of trash is confined to the shallow waters of the sea.

Our trash is extremely harmful to the animals that inhabit these waters. Not only do they get caught in the debris, but some of the waste is likely to leak oil or other harmful toxins into the water. The removal of the waste is nearly impossible because it would cause more damage to the habitat to remove it than actually leaving it there.

So what do we do? The answer is simple: take care of your waste! It is imperative that we ensure our garbage is properly recycled or disposed of; it only takes one storm to pull the litter into our water system and ultimately out to the deeper waters in sea.

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The Green Festival in San Francisco

This April 10 and 11, the Green Festival is being held in San Francisco. The Green Festival is the largest sustainability event in the world, and it continues to grow year after year. This event hosts hundreds of booths offering sustainable products, tips on how to make your home more eco-friendly, innovations in the field of renewable energy, and the latest in green technology.  There are informative how-to workshops along with fun activities for the kids.

Sustainable Living Group, Inc. will be a part of the Green Festival this year–so come check out our eco-friendly products at booth 213!

To learn more about the Green Festival, click here.

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New! Google Maps for Bikers

With spring quickly (though not quite quickly enough!) approaching, it is time to put your car in the garage and pull out your bicycle. With high gas prices, biking is a money-saving and eco-friendly way to get from point A to point B. Worried about the route? Google Maps now has routes specifically for bikes! This new feature maps out the best and flattest ride to your destination. So next time you go to the supermarket, a friend’s house, or even work, consider leaving your car at home and taking your bike for a spin instead. The environment (not to mention your wallet and health!) will benefit from this decision.

Visit Google Maps and plot your bike route now!

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